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Advanced Scrum Certifications

Certified Scrum Professional - ScrumMaster

Carlton Nettleton

Are you ready to finish your journey from ScrumMaster to Agile Coach? Complete your journey today with a one-year membership to the Applied Frameworks community and receive your CSP-SM certification.

Here is a list of the goals:

1. Online Orientation

This short course will give you some basic information about how to get started in our Online Education program and how to use the site.


2. 2022 Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms are an opportunity for your to spend an hour with your instructor and peers to explore workplace challenges, answer questions, share your experiences with others and learn the la...


3. Liftoff for Agile Teams

How a project starts often defines how it will end. If it starts out well, it will probably end up well (but not always!). If if starts out badly, it will very likely end badly for everyone. In ...


4. The Lean Thinking Patch for Scrum

When Scrum and Agile are done well, this new way of working impacts other parts of the business. The relentless focus on customer satisfaction, collaboration and technical excellence creates rippl...


5. Roadmapping That Works

In fast-moving environments, Agile teams can get lost in the gap that exists between product vision, product backlogs and task boards. A great collaboration framework can bridge this gap and ensur...


6. User Stories: Words & Pictures

Most user stories are written poorly. On one end of the spectrum, there is simply not enough detail and the team remains unsure what to build. On the opposite end, user stories contain too much d...


7. Solving Collaboration Challenges

Scrum, and other Agile frameworks, emphasize collaboration to achieve goals. The activities of Scrum and product management provide opportunities for collaboration. However, pretty much no guidan...


8. Developing Inclusive Solutions

One of the big challenges to overcome with any team (in-person or distributed) is maintaining momentum and follow though after a meeting is over. As a leader, one might believe everyone is in agre...


9. No More Bad Meetings!

Ever wonder why so many meetings get mired in meaningless debate over insignificant details? If this only happened occasionally that would be one thing, but a regular regime of bad meetings signif...


10. Advanced Practices for Scaling Scrum

Scaling Scrum is not an easy task. Aligning and coordinating the actions of large groups of people demands a holistic approach. In this course, we will take a closer look at the skills, specific c...


11. Interactive Instructional Design

Do you want to know how to create engaging educational experiences that have participants wondering where the time went? In this course, learn how to design brain-friendly trainings that capture t...


12. Sustaining Agile Adoption

Once the initial excitement wears off, the tough part of any Agile adoption begins — to sustain the energy and excitement needed to support real change. This course focuses on concepts and techniqu...


13. Growing High-Performing Teams

This independent study course will have you researching new concepts on teams and team formation in order to apply back at work. By the end of this independent study course, you will have helped a...


14. Basics of Kanban

Is your organization ready for Agile, but not ready for Scrum? Or maybe what is assumed to be true in Scrum – dedicated, cross-functional teams working on a single problem – is just not your day-to...


15. Coaching Executives

How do you help executives adopt the Agile Mindset? By listening to their needs and being helpful.

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