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Product Management Accelerators

Product Management Accelerator - ADVANCED

Carlton Nettleton

Take the next step with a deeper look at the mechanics behind product innovation, long term product roadmapping, and developing the metrics that matter.

Intended for product managers who have completed the CERTIFIED course — or professionals with 2+ years of experience.

PRICE: $1495 for 12 months

Learning Objectives

  • Innovation
    • Value Proposition Design
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Strategy
    • Roadmapping That Works
    • Product Economics
    • Product Metrics
  • Tactics
    • Advanced Backlogs
    • Advanced User Stories
    • Launching New Products
    • Intermediate Facilitation
    • Developing Inclusive Solutions
  • Leadership
    • Scaling your responsibilities
    • Advancing your career

Program Details

  • Certification: Provided on completion
  • Subscription: Up to 1 year to complete
  • Typical course duration: 6-8 weeks part time
  • 1-on-1 instructor interaction: 4-6 hours
  • Resources included: Curated library and set of workbooks


Let's talk! Please contact us if you have any questions about the course content, certification pathways, or instructor interaction. 


Telephone: + 1 877 505 3684 - Option 4

Team discounts are also available!

Here is a list of the goals:

1. 2021 Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms are an opportunity for your to spend an hour with your instructor and peers to explore workplace challenges, answer questions, share your experiences with others and learn the la...


2. Online Orientation for PMA

This short course will give you some basic information about how to get started in our Online Education program and how to use the site.


3. Value Proposition Design

Nobody wants to build products and services that nobody cares about, yet it happens all the time. In this course, learn how to design a value proposition that satisfies your customers’s important ...


4. Roadmapping That Works

In fast-moving environments, product development teams can get lost in the gap that exists between product vision, backlogs and task boards. A great collaboration framework can bridge this gap and...


5. Hypothesis Testing

Every product or service under development is based upon a variety of assumptions about the customer, the market, the technology and the users. In this course, learn about a structured set of prac...


6. Launching New Products

Make sure the day of your product launch is a success with our helpful checklist of activities.


7. Economics of Product Development

To be a true product manager requires one to understand the key economic drivers which make a product profitable or tell you it is time to retire the effort.


8. Identifying Product Metrics that Matter

Measuring product success is much more than are buying, using and recommending your product or service. This course will help you spot the metrics that matter based on where your product is positi...


9. Advanced Backlogs

Scrum Teams need a healthy, well-ordered Product Backlog in order to succeed.  In this course, we will share with you the important skills needed to refine and order the Product Backlog to enable t...


10. User Stories: Words & Pictures

Most user stories are written poorly. On one end of the spectrum, there is simply not enough detail and the team remains unsure what to build. On the opposite end, user stories contain too much d...


11. Developing Inclusive Solutions

One of the big challenges to overcome with any team (in-person or distributed) is maintaining momentum and follow though after a meeting is over. As a leader, one might believe everyone is in agre...


12. Journey of the Product Manager

The journey of a product manager requires a few shifts in mindset before it is complete. Explore how scale, scope and personal goals shift for product managers as they adopt greater responsibilities.

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